Sunday, March 4, 2012

Turning 8

This year, instead of a big themed birthday party like Survivor or Minute-to-Win-It, the boys decided that they wanted to have their very first friend sleepover. So they each invited one best buddy, figured out what kind of food and fun they would have, and got to it. Turning 8 with special friends was really fun! (and very easy for the mom!)
They got to choose where to go to dinner. They all agreed that a classic burger at Stanich's sounded good, so that's where we went. The picture above was taken before diving into those juicy burgers and fries.
....and this picture was taken shortly afterwards. They were stuffed and in a food coma.
All were very good eaters!
After dinner we returned home and they were able to play a little bit of basketball before the sun went down.
Cake and candles time! Except, Chris and Nate didn't want cake...they wanted Ding-Dongs. So Ding-Dongs it was...along with puffy Cheetos, Ginger-Ale, and a few other only-at-birthday-party treats.
Both friends got them Beyblades as a birthday gift, so of course, there was a Beyblade tournament in the basement. Let em' rip!
Much of their time was spent in the basement, I mean, the 'man cave.' Lots of Wii.
That's what 8 year old boys do.
They claim that they pulled an 'all nighter,' but I think they were asleep by about 10:30.
After a good night of sleep it was breakfast time. Again, they decided on the menu: crispy bacon, eggs, and Cinnabon cinnamon rolls out of the tube. mmm
Back down to the man cave for more gaming.
They took a break from the Wii and built some cool designs with marshmallows and toothpicks.
Chris, Sam, Nate, Aidan...the party animals. Happy Birthday!

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