Sunday, March 7, 2010

Survivor Birthday Party

Chris and Nate are total junkies for the television show Survivor. About 9 months ago, they decided that they wanted to have a Survivor birthday party when they turned 6. That day was yesterday, and the party was a blast.
The birthday boys awaiting their friend's arrival for the party.
Earlier in the day, they put their baking skills to work and continued the tradition that they do each year and made their own birthday cakes to celebrate with. Chris had funfetti, Nate chose strawberry.
The pathway leading to our house was lined with torches that represented each player. We made lots of Survivor signs so it felt just like a remote island in the South Pacific. (well, kind of.) It was a beautiful sunny day in Portland, so that sure helped.
Each boy was in charge of creating his tribal name for the challenges. Christopher came up with "Christu" (Chris + Stuart combined into one) and Nate then decided that he would be "Nafred" (his names, Nate+ Frederick). Who knew that mixing first and middle names could sound so exotic?
The hidden immunity idol, a tribal council candle, and snuffer. All crucial components to play the game of Survivor.
Each boy reached in and drew a colored buff out of a basket, and the tribes were born. Nafred was orange, Christu was blue. These boys are TOUGH!
Now that the tribes were declared, it was time for some challenges.
The first one that they did was the Monkey Hang. Each boy took a turn hanging on the rings in our basement. We timed how long each boy could hang. The times were then added together, and the tribe with the longest time won. Christu took the challenge!
Next, we headed outside to the food challenge. If you watch Survivor, you know that they often times eat some really nasty things. Our party was no different.
Potato Bugs--capers
worms--gummy worms
mud--chocolate frosting
caterpillars--sliced long pickles
frog eggs--diced olives
grubs--chocolate covered raisins
rat bones--crunchy ramen noodles

Each boy randomly picked a piece of paper out of a hat that told them their food fate, and they had to take a taste to get a point for their tribe. Only two boys couldn't do it---one with caterpillars, the other with potato bugs. ( I admit, the capers were kind of weird) I didn't want them to leave the party all freaked out, so we disclosed the true identity of each item, then many of them were more than happy to try a taste.
The water level relay was next. Each team had to take turns scooping water out of a bucket, and getting that water across the yard and dumped into their tribe's jar. First team to have their water level over the black line won. Nafred took this challenge easily.
Learning the rules and getting ready for the obstacle course.
This relay obstacle course was truly action packed! The first boy had to jump over the picnic table, and untie a series of knots, then grab the baseball. Second boy had to jump over the table and get a baseball around the corner. Third boy had to jump over the table and then climb up into the tree house and grab a baseball. When all 3 ball were returned to the hula-hoop, tribe member number four had to collect all 3 balls, and carry them to the throwing area. His job was to throw the ball and knock down the camel target. Christu tribe won this challenge.
Tug-o-war!! These Survivors were very strong and didn't mess around. At first we thought that Christu had it made, but then Nafred came from behind and pulled them across the center line. Victory for Nafred!
Christu tried, but couldn't out-tug the Nafred tribe. Sorry, guys!
This challenge was called "Litter Bug." Two tribes, and each boy had to take a flat piece of newspaper, crumple it very tightly and then make a basket. As we all learned, it is much easier to make a basket with a tight ball, rather than a flopsy piece of newspaper.
After all of these challenges, it was time for our tribes to merge. Each boy received a buff of the opposite color, and they decided how they wanted to display their colors. Chae's buffs(far right) were hands down my favorite display.

Each boy for himself at this more tribes.
My favorite challenge of the party was "Last One Standing." We made a grid in the driveway and to start the game, each boy chose a box to stand in. The object of the game, was to be the last boy standing. They had to choose a box to move to, and it had to be one that was adjacent to their current spot. As soon as they moved, we would put an X through the spot where they were. Slowly, boys started to get boxed in and had no option to move.
Chae was the Last One Standing. I forgot to mention it earlier, but he also found the hidden immunity idol and won a Survival prize. (compass/mirror/whistle/necklace combo)
All good things must come to and end. To close the game, we had a modified tribal council. We sat around the Survivor torch candle and each boy was able to come up and snuff out his flame. The tribe has spoken. aahhhhhh
Party time! These boys were hungry and thirsty. We sang the birthday song to both Chris and Nate, then grubbed on cake and some munchies.
Opening some fun birthday presents.
What a great day with great friends!

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