Saturday, August 17, 2013

Clear Lake Resort

As a native Oregonian, I'm not sure how I went 46 years before discovering this wonderful spot in the Oregon mountains.  We spent 2 nights at Clear Lake Resort in a rustic cabin.   This spot was amazing, and we will definitely return again next year...and the next year...and the....
The word 'Resort' in the name is a little bit misleading, but it was perfect for us.  There was a lodge with a restaurant, a very small General Store area, boat rentals, and clean bathrooms with showers that took tokens.  Compared to tent camping, this was super fancy. 
We rented a boat so that we could go fishing and cruise around on the water.  Clear Lake is a very appropriate name for this body of water~it was so clear and pristine that it was almost creepy to look out over the boat's edge to see down, down, down to the bottom. The water in this lake was extremely cold, so there was no swimming, but lots of people were out in their dive gear looking below the surface.
I loved the lodge.  There was a stuffed bobcat on display above the cash register, and we all agreed that it kind of looked like Harry, with the same spots and coloring.
This was the cabin that we stayed in, #8.  We felt like the 3 bears...but we did have electricity.
We were very thankful for our shelter as a MASSIVE thunder/lightening/rain storm came through the area.  Seriously....the thunder was so loud, the lightening so bright, and the rain just poured out of the sky. 
Well, 'cozied up' makes it sound like we were all snuggled into beds, quietly reading books, and enjoying the sounds of nature.  Actually we got a little bit stir-crazy in our tight quarters.

Nate out fishing. 
After the big storm on Saturday, we ventured back out onto the lake.  It was calm and foggy.
This photo makes me laugh.  It may look like a smile, and that I'm enjoying my fishing trip.  But really, I am clenching my teeth because obviously Dan is standing up in that tippy boat taking my picture and I was freaking out and telling him to sit down.  I had no intention of ending up in the ice-cold water.
Chris and Nate.
This was the maiden voyage, and the boys used the life-vests that were provided.  I think that they were from the 1970's. 
Dan and the boys out on the lake. 
Up and attem'!  Ready to head back out bright and early Sunday morning!
Success!  Nate was the only one to catch a fish on this trip.  This boy was SO PROUD.
It was a treat to be able to eat some meals at the lodge restaurant.  There was nothing of the color 'green' on the menu.  Biscuits and Gravy, bacon, eggs,  pancakes, french toast, burgers, french fries, etc.  Typical mountain-man food.  With 2 lefties in our household, during this meal we were all bumping elbows. 
Clear Lake Resort claims to have 'world class' cinnamon rolls.  Mmm.  Gotta get em' while they're hot, because when the tray of rolls is gone...they're gone. 
Until next year......(which is already booked!)