Thursday, December 31, 2015

The only post for 2015

Well, at least I tried....even though I am down to the wire, as there are only 8 more hours left in the year 2015.
These photos are  not organized, and they are only a few that are from the year.  Our computer is a mess and I can't find the images that I want to post.  So, my apologies.  Maybe 2016 will be better?
Some of the highlights this year:

*The boys started middle school at Beaumont. 
*They are in band and are loving it!---Chris plays the trumpet, Nate the Sax.
*Nate broke his arm last spring and missed the end of the baseball season.
However, the team the Tournament of Champions!
*Wilshire-Riverside went to the Little League World Series!  Is was so much fun cheering them on!
*We took a road trip this summer to Klamath Falls to watch a baseball championship game, then on to Crater Lake, then to the Redwood Forest in California, and on up the coast back home.  It was lots of fun, as long as the hotel had a swimming pool.
*Both boys played in the state chess tournament.
*We got a new cat.  I call her Big Girl,  everyone else calls her Maddie.
*The boys went to outdoor school---their first time apart for more than a night.  They survived!
*Boys turned 11!!  Teenage years are quickly approaching.
*We spent some time at Black Butte with the Slaters, and of course, our annual beach trip.
*I painted our porch and door.  Orange is happy!
3 words that sum up the year?  Baseball, hot summer, growing.  (ok, that's 4)