Saturday, September 14, 2013

End of Summer wrap-up...and heading into Fall

 Here are a few photos from this season of our lives.  
No soccer this year~the boys decided that they wanted to play 'Fall Ball' instead.  2 games each weekend.  They do love this game!
 My classroom.  I was hired back at Ainsworth to teach 1st grade.
Happy to have a job!
 On Labor Day Weekend we went over and spent time in Sunriver with Uncle Greg.  It was tons of fun.
 Harry.  Just because.  He sure hated it when he would see our suitcases out for packing over the summer.  He can finally settle down~we have no plans to go anywhere for a while.
 Chris.  On this particular day, he was feeling super awesome about his outfit.  Flat bill hat from Concordia, 'Science Geek' t-shirt, plaid cargo shorts, and Nikes.   His black socks had to do, because I refuse to spend $14.00 for a pair of these socks.
First day of school.  4th grade!!
The Slater household has been sold.  The deal was finalized near the end of August. It's so strange to think that another family will be making this their home.  I also need to give props to brother Greg, who has worked tirelessly to manage both of the estates of my mom and dad since they passed away.   Huge job~and he has managed it all beautifully.