Sunday, April 10, 2016

Pitcher and Catcher for Opening Day

 What an honor.  Chris and Nate were asked throw and catch the first pitch of opening day for Wilshire-Riverside baseball this year.  Their final year as little leaguers.
 Nate heading to the catcher's box.  He has caught hundreds if not thousands of pitches from his brother.  This one would be no different.
The pitch by Chris.  Let the season begin!
Somebody else that is super awesome has thrown out the first pitch from this mound 50 years ago.  it was John F. Kennedy.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

The only post for 2015

Well, at least I tried....even though I am down to the wire, as there are only 8 more hours left in the year 2015.
These photos are  not organized, and they are only a few that are from the year.  Our computer is a mess and I can't find the images that I want to post.  So, my apologies.  Maybe 2016 will be better?
Some of the highlights this year:

*The boys started middle school at Beaumont. 
*They are in band and are loving it!---Chris plays the trumpet, Nate the Sax.
*Nate broke his arm last spring and missed the end of the baseball season.
However, the team the Tournament of Champions!
*Wilshire-Riverside went to the Little League World Series!  Is was so much fun cheering them on!
*We took a road trip this summer to Klamath Falls to watch a baseball championship game, then on to Crater Lake, then to the Redwood Forest in California, and on up the coast back home.  It was lots of fun, as long as the hotel had a swimming pool.
*Both boys played in the state chess tournament.
*We got a new cat.  I call her Big Girl,  everyone else calls her Maddie.
*The boys went to outdoor school---their first time apart for more than a night.  They survived!
*Boys turned 11!!  Teenage years are quickly approaching.
*We spent some time at Black Butte with the Slaters, and of course, our annual beach trip.
*I painted our porch and door.  Orange is happy!
3 words that sum up the year?  Baseball, hot summer, growing.  (ok, that's 4)

Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

 We were back at Uncle Greg and Aunt Susan's house for Thanksgiving this year.  The food was AMAZING, and the company just couldn't be beat!  It was a lovely holiday with all of my favorite people.
Aunt Susan prepping dinner.  Every dish was so delicious!!  It's a lot of work to cook a meal like this...and it was much appreciated.

Uncle Greg outdid himself by creating a scavenger hunt for all of the cousins.  The entire campus of Lake Oswego High School was their search area.  They were divided into two teams, and after about 45 minutes of playing the game, they came in to the finish within a minute of each other.  It was wet and windy, but they had a blast!  Well done, Uncle Greg!
Each team had a go-pro camera along on the adventure, so we were able to watch it all unfold. 
Thanks, Uncle Greg!  There were even prizes!
 Charlie the cat.  She won over everyone's hearts on Thanksgiving.  Meow.
 My meal.  Pre....
 ....and post.  It hurt so good!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Where to even begin?

Where do I even begin?  I have let this blog slide for almost a year.  A year!!  I have heard from so many friends and family members that they miss it.  There is no way to make up and go back to try and re-create the past year, but I can offer a few of the highlights.  In no particular order.  Here is a bit of what we've been up to.
I hope that I can remember how to do this.  I had to look up my password to even get on here.
 January.  Portland had a great snow storm!  Boys running to sled in Fernhill Park.
 Portland Public Schools teachers almost went on strike!  We were packing some of our stuff out of the building.  Strike averted, but it was crazy stressful! We were ready to walk.
 Chris and Nate started a business called "Moore & More Paracord".  They sold paracord bracelets. But they didn't keep all  of their profits...they donated $100.00 towards their school to cover costs of a special field trip.  Proud of them?  Yes.
Birthday donuts!   Boys turned 10.
 Baseball season.  This was a year of great baseball, from April through July.
 We got a turtle!!  MacGyver was his name.  He was so awesome.  Unfortunately, he is now somewhere roaming N.E. Portland as he was left outside when we left town to go to State Baseball playoffs in Bend.  Saddest.Day.Ever.
 As I said, lots of great baseball.  Much of the time was Chris pitching, Nate catching.  Except for this's reversed.
 Oh, Harry.  A sad update.  Harry had to go to a new family.  He started having terrible bathroom issues in our house, and we could not make it work.   We loved, loved, loved this cat and are quite certain that he got adopted by a little old lady who feeds him wet food now.  And lots of lap time.
 Baseball trophy for more baseball action!
Not as much camping this summer, as we were always at the baseball field.  However we did squeeze in a 2 night camping trip with the Wileys at Timothy Lake.  Always a good time!
Fun in Timothy Lake. 
 The Moores with Mt. Hood in the background.  Beautiful!
 Harry again.  Oh, Harry!
 All-Stars!  Boys made it on the Wilshire-Riverside All-Start team, and ended up going all the way to state playoffs!  What a summer to remember.
 9-10 year old boys are awesome.  Memories of a lifetime were made on this trip to Bend!
 Cousin time in Seattle!  Always fun to hang.
We moved!!!  Not too far away, but a house that works great for us.  I have told many people that this was the busiest summer of my life.  Thank god I'm a teacher and have those months off.
Our new (old) house.
Hanging with Gaston Fernandez, Portland Timbers player.  His son was a student in my class this year and he and his family invited us to a game.  Special V.I.P. treatment.  The boys were in heaven.  :)
Up and over the sideline to walk the field after the game.  Chance of a lifetime!
First day of 5th grade!  It's all about the neon.
 Annual beach trip!!!  What can I's always the best time!
 The boys had so much fun at a special camp this summer. Steve & Kate's Camp.  Catie and Will joined them a few times, too. 
 Back to work for me.  Same school, same grade. 
 Chris pitching, Nate catching. Baseball continued with Fall Ball.
 Chris waiting to get 4 teeth pulled out.  Braces might be on the horizon.
Happy Halloween!  Santa and police. Officer Swag.
New house.  Relaxing on a Friday night. 
I will try to be better about posting.