Saturday, March 5, 2011

Turning 7 with a Minute To Win It party!

I can't believe that Chris and Nate are 7! They had their birthday party today with a few friends and it was a really fun time. The party's theme was Minute To Win It, based on the t.v. show. These boys love competition and challenges, so this party theme was right up their alley.
They each invited 3 friends, and there was tons of energy! If you have not seen this show on t.v., the premise of the game is that the activity has to be completed within a minute, in order to win it. The first challenge of the party was Separation Anxiety. They each had to separate 30 m&m's by color into 6 separate cups. High pressure, for sure!
Challenge number two was called What a Racket. In this challenge, each contender had to move a tennis ball into the center of the tennis racket and have it sit there without moving for 3 seconds. Only one boy successfully did this challenge. Way to go, Erik!
Challenge number 3 was Bobble Head. Each boy had to reach 60 steps with the pedometer that was attached to their head. Lots of movement with this one!! (and sore necks)
Breakfast Scramble was challenge number 4. Each boy had to assemble the front of a cereal box that was cut into 12 pieces. High pressure with all those eyes watching!
A real crowd pleaser was Suck It Up. Each boy had to move 7 m&m's into a cup by sucking and attaching it to a straw. We had to trade out m&m's after a few rounds because 7 year old boys make lots of saliva. Yuck.
After all of these action packed challenges, the boys were ready for some food and celebratory cupcakes. On the menu: cheese pizza and Cheetos. Perfect for 7 year olds.
Nate makes his wish.

Chris's turn.
Time to unwrap some birthday gifts.
All the boys. Sam, Agustin, Erik, Aidan, Aidan, Tyree, Nate and Chris.
We wrapped up the party with the show stealer~The Dizzy Mummy challenge. In this game each team of 2 boys had 1 minute to wrap a whole roll of toilet paper around a spinning boy. Christopher outdid himself on this one. Keep in mind, that he had just eaten pizza, cheetos, and a cupcake with frosting as red as blood. It was a bit too much and I'm really surprised that he didn't puke. Watch the video below to see it start to get ugly.
What a great party....Happy Birthday, Chris and Nate!!

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through this lens said...

so fun! you are one great party-givin' mama! and the games got rave reviews.
i find it sweet that our boys have known eachother since age 4!
chris and nate are growing into wonderful young boys. xo