Thursday, August 6, 2009

Seattle tourists

Chris, Nate and I went to Seattle for a few days to hang with Aunt Susie and the cousins. We kept very busy and had a great time.
Our favorite new spot was the Scratch Patch. It was a cute little shop that has 2 rooms filled with beautiful, shiny rocks that you can sort through, and collect. It was a real hit. I think that Portland needs a place like this!
Laying in the rocks.
A close-up to show some of the gorgeous colors and shapes that we found. I have to say, the rocks are much prettier in person.
Then a trip to visit the Fremont Troll. There was a little bit of anxiety in the car as we approached and spoke of this big guy, but once we were there, he wasn't nearly as scary.
We took a picnic lunch to Gas Works Park, which is on Lake Union and has a great view of the city. Grace, Ella, Chris and Nate at the top of the hill. A mama and her boys.
Chris really did a number on his knees with a bike wipe-out the night before. 5 year olds should not try to be X-Games...the wheels just don't spin the same. Ouch!
Tuesday was National night out, and the street in front of the Cotter's house was blocked off for people to get out and enjoy the neighborhood. The kids rode their bikes until it was dark, people ate, drank, and had a good ol' time. A highlight of the evening was this bee. All of the kids took turns holding it. No stinger.
The following morning we walked to Cowan Park, and played. We took a kit that had balloons that could be blown up, and when let go, would soar overhead and slowly let out the air. What a hit! All of the kids at the park wanted a turn to try. This picture shows Nate in the lead with a balloon that is ready to fly, and all the kids chasing. He was a real pied piper with that balloon!
Lunch at Dicks...a Seattle landmark with old'style burgers and fries. We ate in the car. Another fun trip to Seattle. Thanks, Cotters!

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