Sunday, August 9, 2009

Camping with Catie and Uncle Mark at Trillium

We spent the weekend at Trillium Lake of our favorite spots from last year. When we arrived, the ground was wet and it had been raining. But we lucked out---although it was chilly and felt like October, we never saw any more rain. The highlight of the trip was having Uncle Mark and Catie come and join us for a night. It was Catie's first camping trip, and she had lots of fun!
The excitement for this trip was getting fishing poles and trying our luck in the lake. These boys can really cast!
We didn't have any luck with fish, but we did catch a few other things out of the lake.
Chris caught this salamander. He caught a ride on the hook and was reeled right in! He went back to lake living after the catch.
....and Nate caught this duck! it was really traumatic and dramatic, but with Dan and Mark's calm swift action, they were able to cut the fishing hook out of his bill and let him return to the lake. Poor duck!
Dan helping with the fishing poles and lines.....again. and again. and again.
Tasty dinner of grilled potatoes, red peppers, corn-on-the-cob, macaroni salad, and turkey kielbasa cooked in beer. It was tasty, but food always tastes better when camping!
This boy loves his corn.
Sitting around the cozy fire as we headed into the evening at the campground. Time for scary stories!
Uncle Mark and Catie don't know what to think about the story of Old Man Thomas from Timothy Lake. The new lore at Trillium was about the Trillium Lake Troll. ooOOOO!
Tuckered out and sharing a big sleeping bag that is 2 zipped together--perfect for cozy brothers.
Me and Markie.
Chris, Nate, and Catie-Lou sitting atop the biggest tree stumps ever and acting like gnomes.
Another successful camping trip. Thanks for coming with us and sharing in the adventure, Mark and Catie!

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