Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Fantastic 4th, and a terrific 2

We really had a most awesome 4th of July/ celebration combined with Will's 2nd birthday party yesterday over at Mark and Claudine's. Seriously...beautiful weather, all the family, delicious food, yummy drinks and lots of other wonderful things.
All of the cousins (and two neighbor friends!) poolside with a tasty treat. The sun was really shining and it was perfect 4th of July weather.
The whole crew. I am so glad that we actually remembered to take the group shot!
I love this little boy. We had yummy Thomas the Tank Engine cake to celebrate his 2nd year.
Claudine (hostess with the mostess!), Sookie, Greg, Susan, Dad, and Mark. Good times, good times.
Brothers and Sisters...Susan, Mark, myself and Greg.
Susan and her girlies. It's always so much fun to have the cousins in town!
Will loves to swing at balls...he's an Ace at golf, and we thought we should get him started on the t-ball skills.
Mmmmm, Sookie's ribs. But not her usual ones. These were spare ribs with a Korean flair. They were SO good, and these boys cleaned theirs down to the bone.
We ended the evening with neighbors and fireworks, which Chris and Nate really loved. We didn't get home until almost 11:00! I hope that this birthday/4th of July combination is now officially a tradition in our family.

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