Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Camp party for Aidan's 5 1/2 b-day

What's a mama to do when her kiddo has a birthday that falls between Christmas and New Years, and is somewhat forgotten about amidst the holiday shuffle every year??
...She throws a half birthday in July! Last night Christopher and I went to celebrate Aidan's 5 1/2 birthday at the McMullens house on Sauvies Island. (poor Nate was sick with fever/cough so he missed it) Needless to say, it was good old fashioned fun-- complete with a tasty bbq, a big trampoline, pinata, tasty chocolate b-day cake, fun friends, and a campout in the yard overnight with the closest buddies after roasting marhsmallows under the stars.
Aidan and Chris. What buds!
Late night round' the campfire. We told stories, and Chris shared about Old Man Thomas. (a story that Dan shared with them up at Timothy Lake last weekend) ooOOOOOOOO!
Just me and my boy in our tent right before falling asleep. It was actually really fun to have such special 1:1 time together. What a fun party!

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