Sunday, January 20, 2008

the weather and the moon

This is a weather station that Dan ordered for our house. It's mounted in the dining room and the boys just love this thing! It shows us the outside temperature, inside temperature, time, humidity, and the phases of the moon. Oscar the boy will dress appropriately, so as you can see it's only 38 degrees outside right now, so he is wearing a coat, scarf, hat and carries an umbrella. They check this thing probably 15 times a day. Their favorite part is the phases of the moon in the lower left hand corner. They are completely enthralled with the moon. Did you know that today is a waxing gibbous???? Well, it is. :) Anything about the planets and the moon are real hits around here!
Here is a big 48 piece puzzle of the planets that grandma got for them at the Gilbert House. Puzzle+Planets = the perfect combination!

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