Monday, January 28, 2008

a penny saved is a penny earned

Today was Chris and Nate's first lesson in the fine art of banking. They had been sorting all of the coins in their piggy bank, so we decided that it would be good to take it to the coin-star machine, then make a deposit at the bank into their savings accounts.Here is Chris dumping his coins and pushing them down into the coin counting abyss. He was a little bit sad about giving the bank all of his 'monies', but he decided it would be best to give it a try.
Nate's turn! The boys divided the coins themselves, and said that it was "'even-steven". Each boy carried his own loot into the Safeway and ran to the coin-star.
As you can see, it really wasn't very "even-steven", since Nate only came away with $9.24, and Chris had $13.35 However, it didn't seem to be an issue.
Then we drove to the bank and went inside, which was a huge excitement in itself. My boys have only ever seen the bank from their carseats at the drive-thru window. Our favorite teller Tyrone was working at the counter today. He took the money, and put it into his big safe!
Deposit slips in hand, each boy was excited to tell everyone on the way out about their "aposit" into their bank account. As luck would have it, Chris found a penny on the ground, so this was the start of the next round that we'll bring to the bank in a few months.

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