Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, G'ma!

Today is Grandma's birthday, so the boys and I drove down to Salem to take her a gift and spend the morning with her. They love to play with her castle, which is an old-school Fisher Price one from my childhood. They always know right where to find it in the closet! After we played for a while, we went to get lunch at the new Panda Express in West Salem.
After we were done eating, the boys wanted us to read their fortunes in the fortune cookies that they got. Instead of reading what was actually inside, I told Nate that his said "you will have a great time at the Gilbert house." Chris' fortune cookie said, "You will learn new science things at the Gilbert House museum." (which is where we were heading after we finished our meal) Well, the boys just couldn't believe the truth that was found in these cookies!! How could they possibly know???? So Nate hopped right out of his chair which was near the front of the restaurant and ran to the counter yelling, " HEY MR. CHINESE MAN, HOW DO YOU KNOW THE TRUTH IN MY COOKIE?" Well, the 'Chinese man' was actually a Chinese lady, and I don't think she had any clue what Nate was trying to say to he said it again, even louder. "HEY MR. CHINESE MAN, DID YOU KNOW MY FORTUNE COOKIE WORDS?!?" It was actually so funny and I happened to have the camera out on the table so I snapped this picture. He never did get his answer, but he did give us a really good laugh. A really good laugh. Nate, Grandma, and Chris sitting in the King and Queens chairs. Happy Birthday!

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