Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Windy First Game

Can you guess who is who? New numbers this year on the Neil Kelly team.
Today was the first game of the t-ball season. With how much these boys love the game of baseball, you would have thought it was going to be an incredibly awesome day.
But do you remember this?
Today was a really windy day here in Portland. Nate could hardly control his fear and anxiety during the game, and wanted to sit out after the first inning. He played at the pitcher position and made some awesome throws to Chris at first base....but all the while he cried, and held onto his hat for dear life so that it wouldn't blow away.
He was having total PTSD from the stormy night in the yurt, and the wind was more than he could take. It was heartbreaking to watch this little boy who loves baseball more than just about anything, sobbing uncontrollably, sitting on my lap, hiding under a blanket, and begging to go home or sit in the car...not typical behavior for Nate, at all.
He hates the wind now~and I can't blame him, because that night in the yurt was really crazy scary and loud.
We will get through this with lots of love and reassurance. But darn you wind--just chill out, will you? This boy needs to play ball.

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