Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mark and Clark

Well, not really. It's Nate and Chris. I have never been one to match em' up, so whenever we dress these two as 'twins', Dan and I refer to them as Mark and Clark...the ultimate geeky twin brothers that match all the time.
It was 'twin day' at school today for spirit week. They went all out with matching socks, shoes, jeans, shirt, and explorer vests. Even put matching moles on each face. It was all cool getting ready, but the minute that we got in the car, Christopher said, "I don't want to be a twin." Sorry, buddy..this car is already in motion.
Once they got to school, it was all fun. They really looked alike. And, to make it even more awesome, two of their top gals, Sylvie and Pearl, had coordinated their outfits and hair, too. They are a fierce foursome.

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Cindy said...

super cute....double dates in the future perhaps?