Saturday, April 24, 2010

listen to the whispers

Ever since this day, we have been continuing to work on Nate's fear of the wind. It is still a highly emotional thing for him, and can instantly make him unsettled and upset when he sees the wind outside.
At Vernon's multicultural event last night, the evening ended with a raffle/prize drawing for several fun items. The first number was called out, and nobody answered. They dipped into the basket to choose another ticket in hopes of a match. 4-3-1-8-2-1. "It's me!" Nate exclaimed and went to the stage proudly to claim his prize of a Chinese kite.
It wasn't until morning when we were putting it together that I explained to him how the world was talking to him in a whisper. I explained that sometimes, if you're paying attention, you will get and understand a message that comes your way without any words~there was a reason that he, out of all the kids there, won the kite.
It's because kites need the wind in order to fly.
Without the wind, this kite would be good for nothing.
Most people would just consider it a kite. nothing more.
But for Nate, it was different.
He clearly understood the message.
What has life whispered to you lately?

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