Friday, November 6, 2009

Salem adventure

After a week of being stuck in the house with 2 very sick boys, it was nice to finally feel good enough to get out and about. We went to Salem and did a little sight-seeing with Grandma. After visiting Grandma's house, driving past my old elementary school, and lunch at Panda Express, we went out to see Grandpa at the shop. The boys were hoping to collect gizmos and gadgets (which believe me, there are a lot of them out there!), but instead came home with wires, packaging bubbles, and some non-working police radios that clip nicely to their belts.
Our next stop was the state Capitol Building. This was very exciting because Chris and Nate have asked about the gold man on top. The top deck was closed for the season so we didn't go all the way up, but we did cruise around inside and saw the Senate/House of Representatives chambers, as well as Governor Kulongoski's office. He cut out early for the weekend, so we didn't get to see him.
In the capitol building there are some lovely built in phone booths. I had to explain to Chris and Nate that back in the 'old days' people didn't carry cell phones, so you would have to find a phone booth if you needed to make a call when you were out and about. So, they checked out these retro phone booths, complete with a sitting bench, and a public phone. It won't be long before phone boots will completely be a thing of the past. Of course, Grandma is always good for souvenir trinkets (which I never buy for these guys) so Chris chose a statue of the gold pioneer man, and Nate got a snow globe with the capital building and a beaver inside. It was a fun day. Thanks for hosting us, Grandma!

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Anonymous said...

HEY, Gramma had more fun than you guys.
What am I to do with the HAIL in the freezer??????

Was fun for all,