Sunday, April 5, 2009

Opening day...and it feels so real!

Today it feels real.
"Mama, I am like a real sports guy!" said Nate...beaming from the inside out.
Opening day ceremonies for the Wilshire-Riverside Little League was this morning and it was a fun event, complete with over 500 kids, a pancake feed, the national anthem, and each team being introduced as they took a lap around the bases and high-fived hundreds of hands along the way.
Guttermans Supply has black jerseys. Nate chose number 5 because he is 5, Chris chose number 7 because it was a close match to Mark Grace's # 17 from his cubs days.
Here they come! It's hard to see, but this is their team running the field, with Coach Carl in the front. I especially loved watching Nate as he was heading out with his team. I honestly believe that in his head, this was Wrigley Field on opening day. It just didn't get any better than that moment of fame and clapping.

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