Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The boys had 'twin day' at school last week. Exciting concept for these two, huh? So we found matching outfits (which actually was kind of exciting, because they have not been dressed exactly the same since they were about 10 months old!) and we added some matching features--- to Chris it was a brown mole on his chin, and a 'T' scar on his eyebrow. Nate got one more little mole between his nose and mouth. Dead ringers.Yesterday morning Christopher grabbed an empty prescription container off of the counter and popped the child-proof cap right off as if he'd done it hundreds of time in his adult life. Dan and I looked at each other, wondering how that had happened.
"How did you get that lid off, Christopher?"
"Well, it says right here...just 'hold tab down and turn." "That's what I did."
(duh, mom!)

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