Wednesday, December 26, 2007

bowling fools

What else do you do with 6 kids who are all under the age of eight, one infant, and 6 slightly hungover adults on a rainy Sunday in Portland? Yes, you go bowling! We all met at Hollywood Bowl to fill up our Sunday morning with some activity. It was very fun. It may not be very funny to any of you, but Susan and I were laughing until we cried at how we bowl exactly the same. The picture above gives a bit of the feeling, but you'd have to see it in real time to see how synchronized it was.
Grubbin' on lots of greasy food at the bowling alley---popcorn, french fries and soft pretzels covered in "butter". The boys thought they had died and gone to heaven, since I usually just bring along cheese sticks and some crackers. The aunties are so much more fun than their mom!
Uncle Mark and Will. What handsome fellows!

Chris, Nate, Grace, Caroline, and Ella do their rendition of Happy Feet. Those bowling shoes sure were fun on the smooth, hardwood floors!

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