Friday, December 7, 2007

18 chocolates

Considering that it's only December 7th, does anything about this chocolate advent calendar look funny to you? Yes, that's right, the chocolates for days # 7-25 are GONE. Days 1-6 went great--the boys each opened one door in the morning, and that was it until the next day.
Last night after dinner the boys were downstairs while I cleaned up the dinner dishes. When I went down to join them, Nate came right over to me and gave me a hug and a kiss (a little bit suspicious behavior, should have been my first clue). At the time I thought he smelled kind of like coffee or something, but I didn't put much more thought into it than that. Then, I noticed Nate's advent (the boys both call them ALVENT calendars...very cute!) didn't look quite right. I started to lift up each little hinged door and surprise, surprise there wasn't a chocolate left to be found anywhere! Nate started squirming, and acting very silly----the way he gets when he knows he's done something wrong. He finally fessed up that he had eaten them all. "they were sooooo good!" he said as he rubbed on his full and tight little tummy like Buddah. 18 chocolates just sitting in there. Sometimes temptation just gets the best of us. :)
Here's a letter/envelope that Nate addressed to Santa. He sounded out the word Santa all by himself! He is planning to take it with him tomorrow when he will see Santa at Todd and Wendy's party. Inside he drew a beautiful trace of his hand, and colored all of the fingers different colors. Santa will surely love it!

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