Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Final Hoorah

Today was the last game of the t-ball season, and the boys had guest visitors come to the game to see them in action. Uncle Dave and his brother Omar got up bright and early to see their 9:00 game. It was extra special because Dave had a shirt and hat printed with a picture of the boys. (double click on the image to see a close-up)
The game was at Riverside Field, which is a real field of dreams. The boys were so excited to play there because they get their name announced, and it's a 'real' field. Great place to end the season! Another highlight of the day was that Chris and Nate each earned their first trophy! They were so excited about this!
In the afternoon, we went to Wilshire Field for closing ceremonies and watched a few of the bigger kids play baseball. Chris and Nate were playing with Kayli, who was on their team, and is also a neighbor. Kayli was sharing licks off of her lollipop with Chris, and it was so darn cute. Dan asked Chris is Kayli was his girlfriend. Chris said no, she's just a Valentine.

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