Monday, June 29, 2009

Camping season is here!

We had our first camping trip of the summer at Hoodview Campground, which is near the base of Mt. Hood, and on Timothy Lake. It was especially fun because our friends the Burkhardts came with us for their first ever car-camping trip. We had absolutely beautiful weather, and a very fun weekend.
We had a Survivor challenge to get the fire going on this trip. Nate and Chris were each responsible for making their own stack of wood and paper(they had helped Dan with this process before, but had never built their own fire). The piles were lit with fire, and the first boy to burn the string that hovered above his fire was going to be the champ.
The challenge was on. Both piles took a bit to get going, but with some blowing, each boy got their flames to come to life. At first Christopher's was in the clear lead, but then it died down. Nate's flames came from behind, and it was too close to call.
Christopher added more wood, fanned his flames, and he was eventually deemed the Survivor champ of Hoodview as the string burned and fell to the ground.
The next morning Henry, Chris, and Nate tried their hand at using the flint to make fire 'old-school' style. Well, no luck this time. But we do know that the black moss found in the woods is a quick burner.
Bacon and french toast for breakfast. Breakfast never tasted so good as when camping in the woods. You can't see it in this picture, but just behind me in the tree clearing was a beautiful view of a very large Mt. Hood. It was fantastic!
Chris and Nate played and waded around in Timothy Lake. Chris was named the 'Crawdad King" since he loved retrieving the dead crawdads that he found floating around in the lake. What a great weekend, and we can't wait to return in 2 more weeks!

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