Friday, May 15, 2009

what a writer!

Chris and Nate came home from school yesterday inspired to each write a book. Nate worked really hard on his, and I love, love, love the book that he created. He wrote the whole book completely by himself. The book is about how he and Chris are opposites. If you want to see the writing(and fun illustrations!) a little bit better, double click on each picture. Chris and Me.
Steps 2 and 1. (just like the leveling that they see on the books they read)
"I have a mole on my chin and Chris does not have a mole on his chin."
"I can do a button. Chris can not do a button."
"Chris is taller, I am shorter."
"Chris is a left hander, I am a right hander."
"I like broccoli, Chris does not like broccoli."
"Chris was born first, I was born last."
"Chris likes cheerios, I do not like cheerios."
"I like red, Chris likes blue and purple."
"Chris likes lemons, I do not like lemons."
"I like avocados, Chris does not like avocados."
"And Friday, May 15. I do not like Lotus Focus, Chris does like Lotus Focus."
The End

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