Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Dear Daddy,
Happy Birthday to you! Since you are turning 38 today, we thought we would share 38 things that we love about you. Love, Chris and Nate

1. You taught us each our own secret handshake.

2. You play with us when you get home from work.

3. You have taught us the rules of football and all of the hand signs.

4. You take us with you to the Home Depot, even though it would be much easier and faster to go alone.

5. You let us drive on your lap down the bumpy alley. That's very fun!

6. You give us very big hugs.

7. You ring the doorbell when you get home rather than use the key so that we can open the door and find you.

8. You have taught us about our favorite teams---the Gators and the Cubs.

9. You taught us how to make fires in the fireplace, and how to use the lighter safely and crumple the paper.

10. You take us to dog park to collect nuts, play soccer, climb, and watch the polo guys.

11. You always encourage us to try new things.

12. You take lots of great pictures of us.

13. You let us collect the change out of the ashtray in your car---and keep it!

14. You do a good job of brushing our teeth and playing dentist.

15. You get so proud of our accomplishments, and share that excitement with us.

16. You let us take showers with you and use your big man soap.

17. You share your real tools with us....and teach us how to use them.

18. You play games with us like Uno, Cariboo, and Go Fish.

19. You teach us to be tough and to 'walk it off.'

20. You let us open your beers with the fancy opener on the chopping block.

21. You push the cart backwards at Costco so that we can see where we're going, instead of where we've been.

22. You always ask us how our day was and what we did.

23. You buy us cool things online, even though mom doesn't think that we need them.

24. You rarely get grumpy with us.

25. You teach us about science things, and are always fun at OMSI.

26. You watch "Ask This Old House" with us after you get home from work on Tuesdays.

27. You laugh at our joke about the bee going to the doctor every time you hear it...even though you've already heard it 50 times.

28. You taught us about Crystal Hot Sauce---yum!

29. You rassle with us and taught us how to 'tap out' when we're feeling done.

30. You provide for all of us.

31. You share your last bite of food if it's something that we love.

32. You taught us the words to "Take me out to the ballgame" and F--L-O-R-I-D-A.

33. You know the names of all our friends, and ask about them.

34. You never leave for work without giving/getting a kiss from us.

35. You talk to us on the phone.

36. You let us do crankers when we are at the zoo.

37. You take us down the alley to explore.

38. You are our daddy, and we get tons of love from you every single day.

Thanks for being such a great dad!

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