Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Birthday #9

 Birthday # 9.  The  boys wanted to choose 2 friends each to have a 'man-cave' sleepover, and do all the stuff that 9 year old boys like to do.  They played the wii, flag football, nerf guns, basketball, dancing with a strobe light, playing chess, making geometric designs with toothpicks and marshmallows, rasslin', eating, watching a movie, and finally........falling asleep.
 As always, homemade birthday cakes.  Well, it's more like home-decorated~ but you get the idea.
 The entrance to the "man-cave".  Enter at your own risk!

Big burgers with tater tots for dinner.  yum!
Getting cozy after so much fun together and watching Diary of A Wimpy Kid.
They all  crashed by about 10:45.
I leave you with a video clip of them being goofballs at their birthday dinner this evening.  
I can't believe they're 9.  Happy Birthday, Chris and Nate!

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