Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

We had a great Christmas celebration! I knew it was going to be good when G'ma showed up with a container of Granny's infamous 'Star' cookies.
One of my favorite holiday memories is that of Granny's Stars. She had an amazing recipe for homemade sugar cookies that she would make, roll, cookie-cut, bake, and frost each Christmas. Somewhere along the way one of us grandkids told her that the 'stars' tasted the best and that she shouldn't bother with any of the other shapes. So that's what she did from that year forward. Only stars. Oh, and only green, red, and colored balls for decoration. No exceptions.

'Santa' made another visit this year, and the kids loved seeing him in the living room! Please note his special beard. We laughed until we cried with this one. Thanks, Mark.
Aunt Susie and the cousins get their turn on Santa's lap. Naughty or nice?
Cousins. After all, Christmas really boils down to the memories that they make together every year. That's what this whirlwind 24 hours is all about.
One of Grandma's gifts was a bunch of scratch-it lottery tickets. Everyone was a winner! The fun part is that grandma was just like an ATM and you could redeem them and cash them in on the spot. Catie was the big winner with $9.00 in winnings.
Pajama time!
The kids were questioning Grandma's fashion sense with her infamous Forever Lazy.
Wrong, just so wrong. I'm feeling thankful that there wasn't one for me under the tree.

Slumber party in the basement! The cousins got to sleep together in anticipation of Santa's arrival. Not the best night of sleep, but it sure was fun!
The tree and gifts after Santa stopped by.
Morning chaos....we wouldn't have it any other way!
Merry Christmas.

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