Sunday, October 23, 2011

3rd Annual Wiley Krautfest

Last night the Wiley family had their annual sauerkraut making party. Good food, good people, and lots of fun.
It was an extra exciting year, as the Moore boys all came home with trophies. Dan's trophy was for being the M.V.P. of the night...he helped peel the outer layer off of 800 lbs. of cabbage, and cut the heads into 1/4 's . Chris and Nate were acknowledged for their hard work with both taking home the 'Mini Kraut Masters' award. These boys happily worked and helped throughout the entire party. While all the other kids were down tearing up the Wiley's basement, Chris and Nate were glad to be lifting, hauling, and pounding cabbage.
Finally, the bottom of the box that the 800 lbs. of cabbage came in. Time to take a break!
And the best part....we just roll the wagon home for the night with our new batch of Kraut.
We've got sauerkraut coming out our ears, but how could we not partake in this fun tradition? We're happy to share our bounty. Just ask.

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