Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

I'm feeling rather negligent in my Christmas post this year. I was really bad about taking pictures, plus, our computer crashed last week and I've been struggling to figure out where to find the pictures, etc. Despite the lack of photos, we did have a wonderful holiday season around here. Aunt Leann and Uncle Frank were in town for the week prior, then the Cotters came to town on Christmas Eve.
If you're looking for much better coverage of our past week, please click here and here. Aunt Leann did a wonderful job of documenting the festivities. Chris and Nate sitting on Santa's lap right in our front room!
Looks like Santa found his way down the chimney! His carrots and cookies look nibbled on, too.

Christmas Eve was spent at our house. All of the cousins got their Christmas jammies from g'ma. This year they were not all matchy-matchy.
....but wait! There were Snuggies, too!
Ah, Snuggies. What American household doesn't have at least one??

The Slaters. Merry Christmas!

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