Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Good times at Black Butte Ranch

The boys and I had a mini vacation at Black Butte Ranch where we stayed with the Slater family for a few nights of their family vacation. We had a GREAT time!
Chris, Nate, Catie, Will at the first pool.
Slater family. Catie is an amazing little swimmer. I truly think that she is a mermaid.
The Yunkers were staying at their house at BB, so on Sunday evening they came over for a very tasty Korean dinner. mmm.. sookie ribs!!
It was HOT in Central Oregon. Notice where my boys are sitting in this picture? They thought that Asa was a really cool 'big' boy....and he was.
It was hard to keep kids out of this hot tub. We cooled it down with cold water and they swam every chance they got.
Scootin' to the playground and pool. Please note Catie's poppin' wheelie. New skill, and she was very proud. :) We also went on two really big bike rides. Nate had 2 big crashes, but amazingly enough, no scrapes to show for them.
Uncle Mark in front of the house which was right on the golf course.
On the second night, we stayed up extra late and went down to the golf greens with blankets/pillows/flashlights to watch the stars above. Very fun until the sprinklers started coming on around us.
Chris does a plunge into the water.
This trip did wonders for both boys' swimming skills, especially Nate.
Nate jumps!
Mama and her boys. You should see my sunburned back from being waist high in a pool for hours on end. ouch!
It was so hard to leave this fun. :(
Thank you so much, Mark, Claudine, Catie, and Will.

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Katie at Black Butte Ranch said...

Great Pictures!!! It looks like you guys had a blast. Come back soon!

See ya around the Ranch,

Katie Williams
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