Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Doh-Pay! (just ask Will)

Oh yah, Christmas 2009. Christmas Eve was at our house, and we had a visit from Danta Claus. He made a guest appearance last year when we were snowed in, and he came back by popular request to do it all again.
Cousins in their new p.j.'s. Almost time to go to bed so that Santa can come!
After Santa's visit. His big-ticket item was an air hockey table for Chris and Nate. We're still trying to figure out how he got it down the chimney.
Christmas morning and a Rock-em' Sock-em' robots.
Cool old-school game from Mick and Gail.
Then off to Mark and Claudine's for a Christmas morning brunch and cousin gift exchange.
Back home for the evening where we burned our Christmas tree logs from last year's tree....our new tradition. A crackling hot fire, a game of Clue with Dan and the boys, and Christmas 2009 was over.

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