Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mama's 41 now......how did THAT happen?

Happy Birthday to me! On Sunday we went to Salem for dinner and celebrated with the family. Aunt Susan made this very tall and very chocolatey cake. Nate, Chris, and Catie were excited because instead of helping me blow out my candles, each of them got to 'snuff' a candle with g'ma's snuffer. That was very exciting.
This morning I woke up and some wonderful gifts waiting for me from Dan and the boys. Lots of electronic devices this year, and a new toilet seat. Attached to it was this coupon pad good for six different toilet cleanings ON DEMAND. Let me tell you, this was a wonderful gift, considering that I am outnumbered 3:1 around here.
I had a relaxing day hanging with my favorite guys. It was business as usual--- with a trip to the post office, the bank, the dry cleaners, Trader Joe's and then home. Autumn and Rhett came over to play and then we went out to dinner. I hope i've got another 41 years in me. :)

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